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Educating, upskilling, and placing the next gen talent of the metaverse. 

Our two-sided marketplace delivers verified and qualified talent that employers need while helping developers to learn, earn, and land their next job.

Empowering the builders of the metaverse. 

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For Developers

Giving them access to courses taught by blockchain experts to help them secure their next tech job. 

Making it easy for companies to quickly hire qualified dev talent while assessing and upskilling their current development team.

One platform to fill all your dev talent needs


For Employers

Save time on searching and vetting talent and hire on-demand for project based work or for full-time roles. 

The people you need to innovate faster

Tired of traditional recruiters bringing you unqualified candidates? With Proof of Learn’s Metacrafters platform, you can easily verify candidates’ credentialed skills across blockchains and save interview time with code walk-through videos. On average, an employer will save 2 weeks filling developer roles.

Disrupting the traditional recruiter model

Assess & upskill current teams

Grow and retain your existing blockchain talent by assessing and advancing their skills with our customized individual learning plans.

Accessible, available, and affordable talent

Not ready to commit to a full-time hire? No worries. You can browse candidates with a broad range of experience to see who suits your project’s requirements, budget, and timeline. 

Become an early friend of Proof of Learn and get exclusive access to the only nextgen skills talent marketplace of its kind.



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